My name is Charlie Boisseau, I am an IT & Telecoms professional based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This website contains some of my previous and existing projects.

I no-longer maintain a blog on this site, so you can check out what I'm up-to on a more regular basis by checking out my twitter feed.

Work / Projects


Fluency Communications

Fluency Communications Ltd. is a new business ISP, with a focus on Telecoms. We own and operate our own IP network spanning Edinburgh and London, providing NGN technologies such as Fibre Ethernet, EFM and VPLS to businesses accross Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Net Tool Box

Net Tool Box

A shareware network tool I wrote some years ago while at School and University. Net Tool Box is a multi-purpose network utility for Mac OS X. Includes GUI for Ping, Traceroute, Live Netstat, Live Packet Capture and much more.

Please note: Net Tool Box is very old and no longer maintained, and will only work on systems prior to Mac OS X 10.5.


Back in my Mac development days, I wrote some public classes for REALbasic:

Please note: This code is quite old, and no longer maintained. Please don't email me asking for help!

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