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Net Tool Box 3.0 Beta for Microsoft Windows

Net Tool Box is in the final stages of development for Microsoft Windows. Why not download the beta for a sneak preview.

Windows Benefits
This new release will bring the power and ease of use of Net Tool Box to the Windows platform. You can use all the same tools from the mac version, including ping, traceroute, netstat etc. You can even use the Rendezvous tools on Windows, as well as they've ever worked on the Mac!

Buy Now!
Although Net Tool Box for Windows is still in the beta stages it will still work as a demo when you download it. If you already have a Mac licence, your serial number will work on the Windows version straight away. If you don't yet own a license, order one now. Your serial number will work on the final version when it is released. Multi-user licenses are also available.

Beta 2
Many improvements to beta 1, including:

  • Netstat now works correctly (on XP anyway!).
  • Ping, Ping Scan and Traceroute now working.
  • ARP Table viewer works again.
  • 'Show WAN address in toolbar' option now works on Windows.
  • Favourites popup menu has new icon and now displays menu seperators correctly.

Beta 1
This release is fully functional, with the following exceptions:

  • Traffic Watcher doesn't work yet on Windows (and wont until v3.1).
  • Network Statistics are not supported on Windows.
  • Netstat returns errors on some platforms. Netstat doesn't work at all yet on standard installations of Windows 2000 (and probably NT variants too).
  • Ping is not yet implemented (it will be soon).

For the Rendezvous tools to work, you must have Rendezvous installed. With the latest version of iTunes installed, you may not need to download it. If you don't have Rendezvous installed you can download it from ADC.

Download Net Tool Box
Net Tool Box for Windows
DownloadNet Tool Box 3 b2 (2.4 MB)

  - Windows 2000/NT/XP
  - An internet connection
  - 256MB RAM
  - 20MB Disk Space
  - Apple's Rendezvous is required to use the Rendezvous tools in Net Tool Box

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