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What does it do?

HTTP Tool lets you view the hidden attributes sent to your computer by a web server when you browse the net. This includes "Cookies" that are used in web sites for remembering details about you or your computer.

How does it work?

HTTP Tool connects to a specified site, using the HTTP protocol, and downloads the "HTTP Headers" that usually only your web browser would see. It then displays the information on the screen. If it finds any cookies in the HTTP header, it displays a "Cookie Alarm" with the exact data the web site is sending to your computer.

How do I use it?

Open a HTTP Tool and type in the address of a web site. Then click "Get" to initiate the download. It will display the HTTP Response Details, and all the other headers in the list. If it receives a cookie, it will add it to the "Cookie Alarm" list. You can clear this list by clicking "Clear" when it is displayed.
If you try to access a password-protected web site, an "Authenticate" window will be displayed. If you wish to continue with a password, type in the details and click OK. HTTP Tool will then re-connect with your Authorization details. If however, you want to stop and view the headers that came with the initial request, click cancel on the "Authenticate" dialog.

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