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Port Scanner

What does it do?

Port Scanner is a tool that will probe a host for open services.

How does it work?

Port Scanner is given a host and a range of port numbers. It connects to the host on each port, and displays all the ports it found a connection on.

How do I use it?

Open a Port Scanner, and type the hostname or IP of the computer you want to scan. Then choose which ports you would like to scan. If you want it to be thorough rather than fast, uncheck the "Fast Mode" check box.
Click "Start" and watch as Port Scanner checks each port. Any port that connected successfully will be displayed in the list along with a Protocol Name and Description. Note: The protocol names and descriptions are not based on host's responses.
To then test a connection using a TCP Hook, double click on a row in the list.
If you are unsure about a port, click the "Ports" button to look up a port number's reserved use.


The only problem that sometimes arises with Port Scanner is when you try and scan backwards. This just won't work!

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