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Service Scanner

What does it do?

Service Scanner is a tool that will probe a range of hosts for open services.

How does it work?

Service Scanner is given a range of IP addresses and a range of port numbers. It connects to each host on each port one after another, and displays all the ports it found a connection on.

How do I use it?

Open a Service Scanner, and type the hostnames or IPs of the computers you want to scan. Then choose which ports you would like to scan. To add a port to scan, click “Add Ports” at the bottom. This will display the Port Database in a drawer on the side of the window. By double clicking a port, it adds it to the list of ports to scan.
Click "Start" and watch as Service Scanner checks each host for a connection on each port. Any port that connected successfully will be displayed in the list along with a Protocol Name. Note: The protocol names and descriptions are not based on host's responses.
To then test a connection using a TCP Hook, double click on a row in the list.
If you are unsure about a port, click the "Ports" button to look up a port number's reserved use.


The only problem that sometimes arises with Service Scanner is when you try and scan backwards. This just won't work!

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