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What does it do?

The Whois terminal allows you to connect to to a whois server and query it for certain information.

How does it work?

Many ISPs and Network Centres have what's called a WHOIS server. These usually contain details on either Network information or Domain Name records. The Net Tool Box Whois Terminal will connect to a whois server, send your query and display any response.

How do I use it?

First, choose the Whois Server you want to query. There is a list of well known servers in the drop down menu next to the server field. Type your query and click "Connect".
Whois will then connect to the server, and send your query. Any response will be shown in the field below. You can print this by selecting "File > Print".
Here's an example of what you might use Whois for:
If you wanted to find out who owns "", you select "" from the drop-down menu, and type "" in the query field. When you click connect, it should show you what it knows about that domain. It may tell you that the information is held on another server in which case, you copy that into the "Host" and try it.

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