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Net Tool Box is not only jam-packed with loads of great power-user networking utilities, they are all integrated in one easy-to-use interface.

The Net Tool Box ToolbarView Screenshot

Check out all the power-tools featured in Net Tool Box to the right. There's everything you need from simple network info tools to full-blown network interrogation utilities. Click on the screenshot icon (View Screenshot) for a look at each tool.

New Features

Version 3.0 of Net Tool Box is packed with tonnes of new and exciting features. Some of these include:

  • Network Statistics - Easily monitor your computer's network activity.
  • SMTP Tool - Send email with advanced properties.
  • Traffic Filter Sets View Screenshot - Highly requested feature for better filtering in Traffic Watcher/Netstat.
  • Rendezvous Service Discovery - View all Rendezvous services without knowing their names.
  • ARP Table - Easily view your computers ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache.
  • Network Interfaces - Now respects all Mac OS X interfaces (including IP/Firewire).
  • And much much more... Click here to read the complete release notes.

Integrated Features

It's not just the interface that makes previously mundane network chores a joy. Net Tool Box has many integrated features which ease your daily workload.

Favorites AutocompleteMany people deal with the same network hosts over and over in various tools. With Net Tool Box, you can just save them into the favourites window. This means you no-longer have to remember all those long, complicated host addresses. With the auto-complete feature in Net Tool Box, you can quickly fire off a request to a host without wasting time typing in each individual address.

Port Database
Another powerful feature of Net Tool Box is its built-in port database, containing over 2,500 port numbers and their registered use. This database is integrated into relevant tools to allow quick searching for a port or its use. What used to take several minutes of searching the Internet, can now happen in an instant.

UDP Terminal With Port Database

As you can see in the UDP terminal above, to find the port number needed for communication, the port-drawer can be used to quickly search by name, description or port number.


This page can only describe so much. Why not try it for yourself? You can download Net Tool Box and try it for free. [Download Now]


To receive a full, unrestricted copy of Net Tool Box why not order Net Tool Box online?

  • MapperView Screenshot
    View geographical maps of almost any IP address on the net
  • Ping ToolsView Screenshot
    Use the ping and ping-scanner tools to check connections and network throughput
  • DNS ToolsView Screenshot
    Net Tool Box's advanced DNS tools allow you to view any DNS data for any given domain
  • IP TerminalsView Screenshot
    Communicate with local and remote hosts at the very lowest level over TCP, UDP and now SSL
  • HTTP Tool
    Check out all the hidden headers and cookies on any web site
  • TracerouteView Screenshot
    Use this tool to find the route any packet will take between you and a remote host
  • Port Scanners
    The Port and Service Scanners probe a host/many hosts on a number of IPs to find out what's open
  • NetstatView Screenshot
    Look at a real-time display of what connections are open on your local computer
  • Traffic Watchers
    Use the Traffic and Packet Watcher tools to view the actual transferred data between various computers on your network
  • Rendezvous ToolsView Screenshot
    These tools allow you to see exactly what services are being broadcast across your network as well as allowing you to broadcast your own
  • Network InterfacesView Screenshot
    The Network Interfaces Window lets you see all active interfaces running on your computer and their various properties

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