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Net Tool Box DocumentationA good place to start with Net Tool Box is the online documentation. There are in-depth descriptions and detailed instructions for each tool. Also, you can try the real-world examples and look at the screenshots.

If you have a question that has not been answered below, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why does Mapper show my hosts in the wrong location?
A. The online database (Caida's NetGeo) which Mapper consults to get the host information (including latitude and londitude) is not maintained anymore. This means your locations might be out of date, or not listed at all. Unknown European IP allocations will show up in Amsterdam at the RIPE headquarters.

Q. Why aren't some well known ports in the Port Database?
A. Your port database may be out of date. Go to Help > Port Database and click 'Update Ports' to download the latest listings from IANA. If there is still a port missing, you can add it yourself.

Q. When using 'Show WAN Address in Toolbar', it doesn't show my externally accessable WAN address.
A. This happens when your HTTP connection is provided via a proxy server. In Net Tool Box 3.1, the "Show WAN Address" option gets the IP address when connecting to the web server for the version checker. If your ISP forces connections via a proxy (or you have proxy settings turned on your computer) the address returned will be that of the proxy.

Q. Why won't Net Tool Box work with my DNS server?
A. Net Tool Box's built-in DNS resolver is TCP based. This means that it will only work with DNS servers which also use TCP, however many DNS forwarders (usually found in cable/dsl routers etc) only use the default protocol, UDP. To solve this, you can specify a TCP-ready DNS server (your ISP's servers are probably fine) in either 'Network' in the Net Tool Box preferences, or in the 'Network' pane of System Preferences.

Q. How do I authorise Net Tool Box as 'root'?
A. If you need to run Net Tool Box as 'root' user to do things like open listening sockets < port 1024 you still can. Open the application (in /Applications/Utilities) and type the following command. This assumes Net Tool Box is in your Applications folder:

sudo /Applications/Net\ Tool\\ Tool\ Box
You will be prompted for your password, which once typed should launch Net Tool Box as the 'root' user.

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